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Ant Control Sunshine Coast

Pest Control Sunshine coast: Wipeout Termites and Pests

Ant Control Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Northside treatments start at $120 for a standard house upto 4 bedrooms, this is a external and internal treatment, including dusting the roof and weepholes and comes backed with our 12 month warranty, if they come back so do we. But we do a four pest bundle for $180 which includes cockroaches, ants , spiders and silverfish.

Ants are a real nuisance in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and they may be setting up a home in your home or garden right now. You may be seeing ants in your kitchen or bathrooms but they can pop up anywhere they like, and treating them yourself can be challenging and costly. They might be nesting in your walls, your roof and getting affective an treatment to these areas is important.


There is also protein and sugar feeding ants. So some baits won't be affective with some ants. Treating ants requires a combination of methods to achieve long lasting results. It's not just treating the outside with a barrier treatment other treatment strategies include dusting weepholes to treat wall cavities, dusting ceiling spaces to treat ant nesting in roofs, as well as internal barrier treatments.

But some baiting may be required. This could be external baiting to destroy colonies of ants in the surrounds of the house,or internal baiting to remove a stubborn ant colony that may have set up home inside.

What ever the ant problem you might be having Wipeout Termites and Pests have you covered. With 20 years experience no ant problem is too big.  I offer a full 12 month warranty for any ant treatment, if they come back, so will I.

So if ants are driving you crazy, the cost of ant control starts as low as $120, Wipeout Termites and Pests is a leading expert in ant control, Call now to book in! 

I service all over the Sunshine Coast and the Northside of Brisbane.

Is it Ants?

  • Ants have three body segments termites have two.

  • Are you finding piles of dirt around the house? Ants eat their dead for protein and can leave a graveyard of ant parts which looks like dirt, take a close look!

  • Did you know many ants love to live in your roof and also your wall cavities, if you have had a treatment before and it not really be affective. They may have missed vital areas to gain lasting ant control.

We service all over the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Northside 






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Jodie Maxim

Mark is a really friendly person and had great knowledge about everything.

I'm really satisfied with the job i received great work

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Kaedi, Blackberry

Can not recommend Mark high enough. He is very east to communicate with, punctual and thorough. Will definitley be hiring for my yearly pest control 5 star service

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Gillian, Davis

I would give more stars if i could. The service was excellent. Would highly recommned Mark and his company. He is reliable, punctual and does a thorough job. He checks to make sure the job is successful and his fees are very resonable. As previoulsy mentioned, my husband and i have no hesitation in recommending Wipeout Termites and Pests to anyone

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